[K-POP] t024 "Complete me" Official Music Video

"Complete me"
t024 Single
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t024 also referred to as 'twotwentyfour,' is made up of singer-songwriter Senji and producer Nap!er.
We chose the name 't024' with the idea of ​​sharing music perfect for listening between 2 AM and 4 AM. We believe this time frame is when people experience the most intense emotional fluctuations. It's a special period we have a strong affinity for, and we want to convey the precious moments and feelings we've experienced during these hours through our music.

't024' mainly delves into the alternative pop/R&B genre, primarily focusing on easy-listening music that reinterprets various genres from the '70s to '80s, including New Wave, Synth Pop, and College Rock. Our music carries a sense of nostalgia and features deep narratives. We aim to deliver our emotions to the listeners through candid lyrics and melodies that feel like a heartfelt conversation.

We invite you to share in 't024's story. Within our music, we've captured everyday moments filled with emotions that anyone can relate to. A piece of everyday life, brimming with emotions, is waiting for you.


Senji | Nap!er
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tip: They are also the producers of OnlyOneOf  !!
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