Yoo-Hoo, คุณครู แม่นัน (good moments), please check my dish

Referring to your kratoo below, you had asked me to show my dish once I prepared it.  So, here it is. 
Extra ingredients (tofu, carrots scallions and fresh mushrooms) that were readily available at home were added.  Otherwise, they would have gone to waste.  I thought I already had แห่บี้ so I did not buy it when went to the Chinese grocery store.  Instead of neatly making the egg into strips like your dish, I scrambled it.  Simply a cheer laziness.  Hopefully, I won’t get an "F" for deviating a tad bit.  When served, I added in homemade chili sauce.  It was divine.
Again, thank you very much for your recipe.  It now stays in my recipe list.  โจ่ยเสี่ยะ โจ่ยเสี่ยะ.
P.S.: Does “ก่ำเสียะ” also mean thank you?  I recall hearing it during my youth.

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