I have the worst service from True Internet

If you want to use True Internet, please read my article first.

My room was having problems with the internet on the morning of April 5th.

I called True and the consultant said the technicians would call within 24 hours.

The next evening I had to call again. Because my home internet has not changed, and there was no phone call from the True.

From 5th to today I called every day and I was told to them the same issue ,

and i got a answer  "Technicians will call to you in today and solve the problem."

If you do not want this kind of service,100% Better Contact another Internet provider.

I want to cancel the internet but if I cance ihave to pay the installation cost 2,800 baht.

The reason is a breach of contract.
In my side,  who are not providing the right services have first violated the contract.
i think the True internet.

They said they were coming to repair this morning, but they did not come and phone call.

Today is not my holiday, I asked the manager for a holiday for fix.

But today also i call to 1686 first .


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