Bake a wish ( found plastic in the cake)

so on that day I brought a cake from bake a wish and ate it at the end I found something hard in the cake so took it out of my mouth and found out it was plastic. I got so mad and called the shop they return the money and the next day I got diarrhea, nauseous and headache went to the hospital the doctor said maybe it was food poisoning so I sent the bill to the owner she paid for it (she never call or anything or even ask how I was)  But my sickness didn't go away so today I came to the hospital once again and told the doctor that I ate the cake and found plastic the doctor ask me to called the owner so I called her and the answer I got from her was the sentence she said "when is this gonna end I'm not trying to be rude" In my mind I'm like excuse me I ate your cake and got sick. And she said the company won't help me with it unless I prove that it was actually from her cake, like excuse me I found the plastic I send the picture I even ask if she want the piece of that plastic cuz I can postal it to her like what the  sorry for my rudeness. Anyway the doctor took my blood for a test and found out I got enteritis wow from normal food poisoning to enteritis should I file for complaint and go to the police for it? Or should I sue them? And have any of have a bad experience from bake a wish if so please comment thank you for reading and goodbye
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