My Development Skill Homework


                                                                 6 Tips on How to Meditation Outline
1. What is the main idea of the article?
          - 6 Tips for Meditating for Beginners 
            - How to  meditate? 
           -6 Tips to Get Started Meditating 

2. What is Supporting Detail # 1:

         -Start Small? Start with the easy things. 

3. What is supporting detail # 2:
       -Just sit. You don't need the special things to make them special; just sit in a normal chair.

4. What is supporting detail #3:
        -Focus on your breathing; it's an easy way to get attention. 

5. What is supporting detail #4:
          -Let your thoughts come and go. Sometimes thoughts pop into your mind; you just let them go and don't think about them. 

6. What is supporting detail #5: 
         -In everyday situations, focus on your feet. Beware of things around you. Don't lose focus on the situations. 

7. What is supporting detail #6:
        - Try an app.- Sometimes you may want to have someone guide you while meditating, and there are lots of websites where you
          can  use it.
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