[Official MV] Alone (จม Eng Vers.) - อิมเมจ สุธิตา | Ost. เกมรักทรยศ

ศิลปิน: อิมเมจ สุธิตา
เนื้อร้อง: อิมเมจ สุธิตา
ทำนอง: ปรเมศวร์ เหมือนสนิท

These hells
Keep happening, suddenly
Turning into realities

And my blood
Oh it has been turning blue
Now I'm as cold as you

* The news just flashed and
You're the headline
I'm the fool that trust all your lies
If you think I'll let this slide
You're in for a surprises

** I am what you made me
The worst thing you'll ever see
And you'll begging on yours knees
For your life

*** I'm already burning
From the fire you set on me
So I'll light it all up
Everything you love

It's what you deserve
(You'll finally get what you deserve)

To be alone, alone, alone, you will be alone

Baby, you and all your wicked schemes
You tricked me just one too many times
But you know, you aren't only mastermind
You will be paying for all your crimes

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