An Old Crab said to her son......... "NOW" EP.4

An Old Crab said to her son.........

An Old Crab said to her son, "Why do you walk sideways like that, my son? You ought to walk straight."
The Young Crab replied, "Show me how, dear mother and I'll follow your example."
The Old Crab tried, but tried in vain, and then saw how foolish she had been to find fault with her child.
Imagine that I am teaching English in the United States. (hypothetical)
Below is a sample sentence a student asked me to help him learn English.

I've never thought to own a car. now it's time to learn driving a car and it's important to my life.

As a first step, I will edit this sentence based on the students' questions.

 This sentence is grammatically correct. 

The sentence "I've never thought to own a car" is grammatically correct. It could be changed to "I have never owned a car." 
But, the more accurate phrase would be "I have never considered owning a car."  

Let's consider the next sentence:

As a result, "Now" must be capitalized as follows "Now". 

Then the word "driving" (Gerund or Present participle) must be resolved to an infinitive verb (one with a "to" at the beginning)

as follows "to drive".  

Again, as a result, we have the following new sentence from the student:

Based on English quotation principles, the above sentence is grammatically correct. Due to the fact that the expression is American, it should be changed to the following.

(The underlined word "Now" is used as a noun)
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I then wondered, "Is my job as an English teacher in the USA secure despite my inadequacies?" 

          (Hypothetical picture)


The sentence below cannot be grammatically correct in writing, in conversation, or in academic settings.

An explanation that does not make sense in English grammar.
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