I don't really understand Thai language

I just wanna wrote this text to my ex thai wife mother my daughter I just wants the world to knows even we are divorced I'm still holding her love in my heart and I really can't forget about her 💔 even im remarried I didnt feel any happiness such when I was with her and I hope she read this because I couldn't get a chance to contact her she was an amazing wife to me with respect and love I just wanna tell you no matter how you get far from me life and time will make us closer to each other and I still can feel your love honey your daughter longtime you didn't talk to her please open for her and give her a chance to see you you are an amazing wife and mother to my child please take care of yourself well and I hope I don't bother you with this note ❤️ please take care of yourself honey and remember someone out there still loving you no matter what's happened I hope and I hope you read this your love killing me everyday softly
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