Need Help samsung thailand is unfair and takes advantage of me.

Need Help samsung thailand is unfair and takes advantage of me
My s22+ is in warranty Turn off and cannot turn on for 15 minutes 6 times within 2 months, but not responsible for repairing me. Return it to me with the problem. as detailed below

Disappointed with the business operations of samsung Thailand from the hearts of customers who have been together for 10 years.

no one is perfect So is mobile manufacturing. But the manufacturer has a problem and sells it and does not accept the fault. This one is embarrassing. And in the customer's perspective, it's unacceptable. but can't do anything damaged during the warranty period, but you avoided repairing it Who is going to force you to come and fix it, right? Confirm that it's not broken. It's clear that the machine has a problem. but you don't accept

Do not ask for a repair number. What's the serial number? sent until bored In the end, it's a formal request and then hit smoothly that we've taken care of you behind.

The 1st time the engine is turned off (can't turn on for 15 minutes)
Jan. 14, filming a clip of the ballerina dance show at Robinson Until you can turn on the machine, wait 15 minutes.

The second time the engine shuts off (can't turn on for 15 minutes)
Feb 14, when I was taking a picture of my child receiving a medal Still can't open Would have the chairman give a coin to wait to turn on the engine first, probably won't be able to start this time, starting to feel that the machine has a problem for sure. Went to the Trang center in the IQC insurance period, did not find a record of extinguishing, did not accept claims, the mechanic advised to change the case. thought to be caused by heat Bought a new case and changed it. The mechanic suggested that IQC did not find the record, we had to find the evidence ourselves.

The engine shuts down for the 3rd time (can't turn on for 15 minutes)
Feb 24 while answering the phone Received and spoke 2-3 words and then went off. Evidence that is enough to keep is a call record. On our side, the previously received call record is gone. not showing But let's look at the call logs on the other end of the call that come in. There are recordings, so I think that even the call logs haven't been recorded in time. IQC, it's possible not to record.
The next day, I went to check at Samsung Robinson Trang again, IQC didn't really go up as expected, they couldn't accept the claim. Must go to the Hat Yai center by yourself.

Take it to the Hat Yai IQC center, can't find a record, the center says that you try to Reset, clean the machine, it may disappear. If not, it's likely to be the hardware of the test software first, then Reset and put the test for 2 days, no symptoms, so send it back to use.

The machine shuts down for the 5th time (can't turn on for 15 minutes)
May 1, travel abroad Taking pictures while driving The engine turns off again. Come back to Thailand on 13 May. I still haven't been able to enter the center.

The machine shuts down for the 6th time (can't turn on for 15 minutes)
14 May, taking photos in Bangkok, there is evidence of extinguishing as corrupted files remain in the gallery (normal pictures arranged in a row Then there are pictures that can't be displayed. It's the picture when the machine was turned off while taking the picture)

Take it to the center and say it's the same symptom. Probably hardware. Last time I saw it said that if the Reset doesn't disappear, it's probably hardware, along with attaching evidence with all the date and time of the incident. The technician at the center commented that it would be the motherboard. I will try to send this case to Bangkok to help me see what I can do. With the test machine set for 13 days, no symptoms were found, the result came out that the Bangkok Center did not do anything for them. It has been turned off 6 times already. In less than 3 months, even claiming, but IQC did not find any symptoms, did not repair, asked to return the device.

Goodbye for 10 years with Samsung Shameful company, dishonest.
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