Surprise wedding for my wife question

My Thai wife and I were married five years ago in the States.  I have a small family spread across the country, so the wedding was small.  I've always felt guilty for not being able to give her a proper Thai wedding but next year is my chance.  We'll finally be coming back to Thailand for a month and I would like to surprise her with a big wedding in her home town (Isaan area).

My problem is I know absolutely nothing about Thai culture when it comes to weddings and how to prepare for it.  I've never met her family in person and they don't speak much English.  I know this will be difficult to do but she's worth it and with a little bit of help I'm positive I can do it.  Where can I find good information about Thai weddings, photosographers, dressmakers, food caterers, venues etc.

The good news is I have plenty of time to prepare, we won't be coming until September 2024!  Thanks for any and all help!!!!
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