[CR] เครื่องนาฬิกาออโต้แบบโรเตอร์ขนาดเต็ม ที่ทำสถิติบางที่สุดในโลก นับแต่ปี 1967

The last picture below is the same movement with that of the first Nautilus, Reference 3700
: Patek Philippe Caliber 28-255 was developed in 1967 by Jaeger LeCoultre for Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin.

Originally, it was officially JLC Caliber 920. It's 2.45 mm thick.

The movement was first used in the Royal Oak 50 years ago and designated Caliber 2121.

In 1977, to celebrate its 222nd anniversary, VC introduced the 222. They named the movement Caliber 1120. Now, the watch model is discontinued and replaced with the Overseas.

PP used the movement in other models that predated the Nautilus, before its launch in 1976. In my personal opinion, due to the (thin) thickness, the first Nautilus was sexier than the present one, which is a lot thicker.

The below images are from my PP Calatrava, which is still running extremely well after almost 50 years!

To service this watch, PP service center wants to charge me 100,000 bht
(Many service centers of luxury brands are not allowed to service any classic item, so it must be sent to Switzerland)
; My local & reputable watch repair shop charges only 2,500 bht.
I am happy.

Now, this movement is still manufactured by AP.
ชื่อสินค้า:   JLC Caliber 920/AP Caliber 2121/PP Caliber 28-255/VC Caliber 1120

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