RayDalio Sees‘FloodOfMoney’ WithSoaringAssetPrices/He saw no reason that stocks couldn’t trade at 50 times earning

Ray Dalio stressed the importance of diversification in a Reddit Ask Me Anything event
on Tuesday where he said that a “flood of money and credit” was unlikely to recede.

“Assets will not decline when measured in the depreciating value of money,”
the billionaire investor told users of the discussion network who asked for his perspective
on where financial markets are headed.
“I believe that with the enormous amount of debt and money that has been created and will be created in the future,
the most important thing to pay attention to is the value of debt and money
relative to the value of assets and other currencies.”
Dalio added that he saw no reason that stocks couldn’t trade at 50 times earnings
and recommended “smart diversification” among asset classes, currencies and countries.



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