......... alone .........



so very cold is it out there
near as cold as it is in here

sit staring at the wall alone
waiting for soul frees from bone

mean and cruel, as hot wind blows
thoughts of all who have come before

off again and turn away
to call upon another day

bitter does become the feed
never quite hunger or fill the need

and dark eyes ever so deep
awaken from such a fretful sleep

anger lives way deep down there
cold wind whispers upon the ears

don't awaken the beast from inside
leave it alone, continue to hide

pondering all that waste of tear
if it wasn't quite so numb in here
can't ever really begin to care
cracked door and no one's there

the wait has become so very long
forgotten are the words to the song

much nicer it might have been
if the heart someone could win

still waiting and all the same
getting tired of wretched games

like turtle climb back in the shell
keep on pretending, not in hell

deny the feelings, never was a spark
the answer to that aching heart

so very cold it is out there
but little by little, no longer care

under covers and quite unknown
while waiting to set free from bone

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