Looking for an old friend in Bangkok

Hi there. Firstly, i apologise. I understand I probably should be writing in thai, but I'm unable to write nor speak thai, so this post would have to be in english. 

My dad is looking for his long lost friend who stays in Thailand. From what I understand, they spend several years working together overseas and were good buddies. My dad often speaks of him fondly, and wants to reconnect with his friend but lost his thai phone number when my dad's phone was stolen. We tried reaching out to his I do want to help my dad find his friend. 

My dad's friend actually can be found Google easily. (he's a scientist so that were a few old articles on his research work) But I was unable to find a email address contact nor phone number that I can reach out to online. He is an elderly man too so he doesnt have any social media. 

What should i do to find him? Should I post his namยิ้ม? My dad can even remember the names of his wife and children, so I'm not sure if that's helpful. With those names, I tried looking on facebook and other social media sites and found nothing too. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate the help!
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