Need Help from Changrai

Hello All,
Greetings to Land of Smiles people.
I need one help from any one of you .Could you please help me ? When I am in changrai with my girl friend , We went to the Beauty and Barber Saloon shop for women .In that shop my girlfriend has tried a haircut and the eyebrow making , she has done very good work . She has impressed a lot for her work. I need her Shop address details and Her phone number to say thankyou and send some gift to her and to surprise her .Can anyone please visit that place and find the shop address details and her phone number for me ? I will share the location of that beauty shop and the google map details. Could you please help me , if you can do this task for me . I need this information .We want to surprise her.
Hence I request any lady or some one to help me may be if it is lady who can do this job for me it should be great full and it is easy for them.
Please ping me on my Facebook messenger for the details , I will share the location details of  that’s shop it is actually located on North of Changrai.
Please send me message who is interested to do this work for me. I am ready to pay for needs .
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