+++ Scoot and Tigerair Merger +++

Since May 2016, Scoot and Tigerair have been working to integrate reservation systems, flight schedules and connections, conditions of carriage, check-in counters and call centres. Those integrations have since been completed.

Come 25 July 2017, we will be putting the finishing touches to the integration by merging the two airlines to operate under a single brand. With the merger, Tigerair will operate under the Scoot brand, but maintaining the designator code, TR.

This merger is part of our long-term growth strategy and to enable a more seamless travel experience for all our guests.

As with all mergers, we’re aware you’ll have some questions, so we have prepared some Q&As to address some of your key concerns.

How will the merger affect my Tigerair flights?

1.    Flight Schedules

Although the Tigerair brand will be replaced with the Scoot brand, your flight schedules (departure/arrival dates and times) will remain unchanged, i.e. your flights will depart as scheduled.

Guests connecting on any Scoot flight will receive a separate email over the next few weeks (either directly or through the travel agency where you made your booking) to inform you of your updated itinerary with the new Scoot designator code (TR). If you have not received the email notification by 23 Jul 2017, please contact our Call Centre

2.    Check-In

If you are departing on or after 25 July 2017, please look for the Scoot check-in counters at the airport. Web Check-in for eligible guests and flights may be also performed at FlyScoot.com.

3.    Aircraft/ Fleet Types

With the merger, Scoot will operate two different fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliner (existing Scoot fleet) and Airbus 320 (Tigerair fleet repainted into Scoot livery). Some of our networks will be served by both fleets, so if you have a preference to travel on either the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus 320, please ensure you make the right flight selection.

During the booking/flight selection process, the information of operating aircraft will be presented under the “Operated by” section:
The Airbus fleet will be indicated with either A320 or A319 (as repainting will be done in batches, you may still be travelling in a Tigerair aircraft until the re-painting is completed);
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet will be indicated with either B787-9 or B787-8, and the 787 Dreamliner logo
Brand Merger

4.    How can I make changes to my booking?

If you need to amend your booking, please access the Manage My Booking portal on FlyScoot.com, which has been enhanced to manage both Scoot and Tigerair flights. From 25 July 2017, the Tigerair.com website will be disabled and guests will be redirected to FlyScoot.com. You may also contact our integrated Call Centre for assistance.

5.    Conditions of Carriage and Terms and Conditions of Booking

Please click here for a copy of the Conditions of Carriage, effective for flights departing on/after 25 July 2017 for your reference. While there may be a company name and brand changes, we wish to assure you, the rest of the content remains unchanged. The terms and conditions of booking and fare rules also remain the same.

Too much information? We have also prepared a simple video to explain the merger and how it affects you.

อ่านกระทู้อื่นที่พูดคุยเกี่ยวกับ  สายการบิน Nokscoot (สายการบิน) Tigerair
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