Yingji-802 เรามีวิธีป้องกันยังไงราคามันถูกกว่าเรือรบอีก แผลงฤทธิ์อีกแล้วจมเรือรบ UAE

YEMEN Anti Ship Cruise Missile vs WORTHLESS Mark 36 SRBOC Chaff Infrared Decoy System SLOW Mo
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Published on Oct 2, 2016
ISIS Hillary Clinton SAUDI / UAE Navy Ship HSV 2 Swift Destroyed by YEMEN C802 Chinese Anti Ship Cruise Missile Forces (FULL Video) YEMEN Anti Ship Cruise Missile U.S. NAVY Mark 36 SRBOC Chaff Infrared Decoy System is WORTHLESS SLOW Mo US/NATO Anti Ship Cruise Missile Countermeasures are WORTHLESS.(00:47 ) Mark 36 SRBOC Chaff & Infrared Decoy System Flare's & Chaff Countermeasures deployed ) Yemeni Army has released a video showing anti ship criuse missiles fired at the United Arab Emirates’ military vessel in the strategic strait of Bab al-Mandab. C802 Cruise Missile. mirati military acknowledges boat under its command was involved in an "incident" in strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait.
Yemeni fighters say they have hit a vessel operated by the United Arab Emirates military, which is part of an Arab coalition fighting in support of Yemen's government.
The UAE military said on Saturday that a boat under its command was involved in an "incident" in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait. It said there were no casualties.
The Ying-Ji-802 land attack and anti-ship cruise missile [Western designation SACCADE], is an improved version of the C-801 which employs a small turbojet engine in place of the original solid rocket engine. The YJ-2 (C-802 is externally similar to the YJ-1 but it is powered by a turbojet with paraffin-based fuel. This caused the fuselage to be extended to accommodate the fuel.

The weight of the subsonic (0.9 Mach) Yingji-802 is reduced from 815 kilograms to 715 kilograms, but its range is increased from 42 kilometers to 120 kilometers. The 165 kg. (363 lb.) warhead is just as powerful as the earlier version. Since the missile has a small radar reflectivity and is only about five to seven meters above the sea surface when it attacks the target, and since its guidance equipment has strong anti-jamming capability, target ships have a very low success rate in intercepting the missile. The hit probability of the Yingji-802 is estimated to be as high as 98 percent. The Yingji-802 can be launched from airplanes, ships, submarines and land-based vehicles, and is considered along with the US "Harpoon" as among the best anti-ship missiles of the present-day world.
"Rockets targeted an Emirati warship as it approached the coast of Mokha" on the Red Sea, Yemen's Houthi fighters said in a statement on their sabanews.net website.
SAUDI Warship Destroyed by YEMEN US/NATO Anti Criuse Missile Countermeasures are WORTHLESS Mark 36 SRBOC Chaff & Infrared Decoy System
"It was completely destroyed," said the Iran-allied Houthis.
A video posted on social media, purporting to be a footage of the incident, showed a vessel being targeted at night and later was on fire. https://youtu.be/rLN22_X_lY0
Yemeni forces have targeted and destroyed an Emirati military vessel in a rocket attack near the Red Sea port city of Mokha, al-Masirah TV says. The C-802 is the export upgraded version of the Chinese anti-ship missile YJ-8 (Chinese: 鹰击-8, literally "Eagle Strike"; NATO reporting name: CSS-N-8 Saccade).

The ship is a wave-piercing, aluminum-hulled, commercial catamaran with military enhancements, such as a helicopter flight deck, vehicle deck, small boat and unmanned vehicle launch and recovery capability, and a communications suite. While from the front the vessel looks like a trimaran, the center hull does not rest in the water and is not used for buoyancy. Propulsion is provided by directional water jets, so the ship does not have propellers or a rudder for steering, and can maneuver in twelve feet of water.

As of July 2015 the vessel is reported to be operated by the UAE's National Marine Dredging Company. The United Arab Emirates are part of the ongoing Saudi-led War in Yemen.

Die HSV-2 Swift ist ein Hochgeschwindigkeits-Katamaran [über 90 km/h] in militärischer Nutzung. Es wird zurzeit als Kommandoschiff zur Kriegsführung mit Seeminen eingesetzt. Die HSV-2 war Teil der Marine der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate (VAE) die wiederum Teil der Saudischen Agression gegen Jemen sind.
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