[K-POP] INFINITE『Reality』Comeback Teaser Image!

[INFINITE] 많이 기다리셨죠? 1년만에 돌아오는 인피니트의 첫번째 티저사진!! 가장 먼저 확인하세요!


INFINITE are confirming that their comeback is in fact a 'Reality' with a teaser image!

Inspirits will rejoice to hear INFINITE's homepage has been updated with the above group photo, showing each member looking as cool and chic as ever. Judging by the word 'Reality' on the image, we assume it is probably the name of their album or title track.

Although an exact date hasn't been set yet, their comeback will take sometime in July. And then soon after, they'll take on their second world tour 'INFINITE EFFECT' starting on August 8!

The group's last comeback was almost exactly a year ago with the album 'Be Back'. They impress us each and every comeback with their incredible synchronization, live stable vocals, and stage presence, so we can't wait to see them do it again!

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