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                                                                               Online Class and In-person Class

   2020 is the year COVID-2019 begins. COVID has changed everything and affected everyone. Especially students, because of this pandemic, are unable to meet in the classroom. For this reason, we must take online classes. In my experience, I can tell the difference of convenience, communication, and friendship between online classes and in-person classes.

     Convenience is the most important difference between online classes and in- person classes. Before COVID occurs, I need to get up 2 hours before my class starts because I must dress in school uniform, eat breakfast, and drive to school. But after the covid pandemic, I must take all my classes online. I can get up 5 minutes before class starts, I don’t have to dress in school uniform to study, and I can also have breakfast while studying. Another convenience of online learning is that I can study anywhere; even if I must travel, I can still study in the car. But for in-person learning, I must study at school. If I am not able to come to school, I won’t get a class attendance score. Online learning requires electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops with the internet, which require a lot of money to buy. But in the classroom, I rarely use electronic devices because I must carry a bag full of heavy books every day. Online learning that requires electronic devices to study and communicate can sometimes have trouble, and with the inability to leave the house because of lockdown, communication is very important in the pandemic era.

    Communication is always important to help people stay in touch during quarantine. For example, when I was studying online at home and had a project to work on as a group with my friends, it was important to communicate. Sometimes it’s so hard to invite friends to join group meetings because our times don’t match. But if we do the project together at school, it’s very easy to communicate because we meet each other in person. Communication between teachers and students during online classes can be misunderstood because the internet signal may be lost sometimes. And the interaction between teachers and students while studying online is less because most students tend to turn off the microphone. Less communication because we must take online classes during the pandemic could affect friendship.

   The difference in friendship in my classroom during online learning, when my friends and I couldn't meet in person, made us miss each other very much. It’s so hard to make good memories with my friends during the pandemic. I like to study in person because studying with friends in the classroom makes studying more fun, and we can make a lot of good memories together. Although studying in an online class has many benefits, studying in a real classroom can build good friendships.

     In conclusion, online learning and in- person learning have three main differences: the convenience of learning, the communication during study, and the relationship with friends and teachers. However, the COVID pandemic situation is getting better now, but some people are choosing to take online classes because they don’t have to study in a real classroom. For me, studying in person makes more sense in terms of association with people than studying online. In the end, I would like to recommend that you choose the best study method that is appropriate for your daily life.
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