From ARMY to BTS

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cr. @btstranslation7

"To avoid showing you're tired when you feel tired, finding it difficult to say you need a break when you need to rest.. you all are in your shining twenties and despite it all, you gave it your all for your dream, dedicated to your fans.

I think over how much you all have been through. You're no stranger to all of this, you were เฮียร์ through your twenties.
Trust that, even when nothing is said, armys know. You worked so hard. You did well. you deserve to rest.

Outside of your life as public figures, each of you is a young person, living through society among countless others. It’s unfortunate, but true that, no matter where you go, you cannot win everyone over.

I know that there may be people out there who say they'd rather hear less about the nitty-gritty, brutally honest conversations, but true, genuine armys can absolutely understand where the BTS members are coming from and I trust we will tear up right alongside you.

I want to say to you rest deeply, rest well, and take care [of yourself] until you make your return ยิ้ม
because we will be waiting right here living our own lives as best we can and doing the things we love and enjoy. Until the very day, we will meet again.

And oh! I am a fan of BTS, but I am just as much a fan because you are human. we may not all be astoundingly impressive or great, but I believe we can all be rays of hope for others.

being so far up high, it must be a daunting burden to bear. but I hope it means you all can see just how many souls your music can comfort and touch. How about that? heh ยิ้ม

We are always thankful to you.
We love you."

((เปลี่ยนคำว่า h-e-r-e เป็นไทยนะคะ โดนเซ็นเซอร์))
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