[NEWS][14MAY21][BLACKPINK]ROSÉxELLE KOREA หน้าปกฉบับเดือนมิถุนายน/ข่าวความเคลื่อนไหวประจำวัน

🔥 Rosera is a whole new chapter
Successful activities of the first solo album and the debut of Tiffany Global Ambassador. Rosé's world shines firmly

The photo shoot focused on capturing Rosé's strong and adorable appearance. 

The interview that took place after the filming mainly focused on questions about Rosé's solo activities, which ended successfully.

When asked how he felt about setting an amazing record, such as the pre-order of his solo album 〈R〉 with more than 500,000 copies and the title song'On The Ground' reaching the top of the Billboard Global Charts, Rose Big.

It was because it was my first solo activity, so I saw a lot of things that were lacking in my eyes. Nevertheless, I am really grateful for receiving so much love. If the next opportunity comes, I think I can be more flexible, have fun, and do activities.” He said his feelings.

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💗 Lovesick Girls
Road to 500M

💗 How You Like That
Road to 900M

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