The Great Cave Rescue -- หนังสือเรื่องเด็กติดถ้ำที่เชียงราย 9/12/2561 สรายุทธ กันหลง

The Great Cave Rescue -- หนังสือเรื่องเด็กติดถ้ำที่เชียงราย  9/12/2561
มีเป็นอีบุ๊คแล้ว ราคาประมาณสิบห้าเหรียญยูเอส ไปดู..

The Great Cave Rescue: The extraordinary story of the Thai boy soccer team trapped in a cave for 18 days Kindle Edition
by James Massola (Author)

Keen to go exploring after soccer practice, the boys of the Wild Boars soccer team ignored the sign at the cave entrance warning visitors not to enter during the monsoon season. What followed was a high-stakes international mission that very nearly didn't succeed.

The ordeal riveted millions around the world. First came the awful news that twelve Thai boys, aged 11 to 17, and their young coach were missing. Then the flickering video of the huddle of anxious and hungry boys found by a pair of British divers nine days later. But the most difficult part was yet to come. Monsoon rains had raised the water level in the cave system, and the boys were trapped in an air pocket, surrounded by rising muddy water, over two kilometres from the cave entrance. None of them knew how to dive.

Expert British, Australian, American, Chinese and other international divers joined the Thai Navy SEALs and hundreds of local volunteers to mount one of the most risky and complex rescue operations the world has ever seen. Australian doctor Richard Harris and his dive partner, Craig Challen, were among the last out of the cave, 18 days later.

Massola recreates the drama, tension and inspiration of the days in July 2018 when the eyes of the whole world were trained on a remote Thai mountain.
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