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According to the policy of Promotion "Welcome", trader has to turn credit funds into balance before withdraw funds from bonus account.
There are two simple STEPS to turn credit funds into balance to withdraw bonus and its profit to bank accounts or other payment systems or transfer it to common trading accounts under your NewForex ID.
First step is to deposit bonus account with the minimum amount - bonus+profit (or bonus-loss).
Second step is to trade minimum 50 trades (entry) with some total amount of lots.
The number of lots to trade depends on the amount of profit or loss a trader has received from trading with the bonus money. The formula to find out the number of lots you need to trade is  bonus + profit x 0.07 = number of lots.

Example if the profit is $10:
Trader has a bonus 5000 usc ($50), profit 1000($10) = 6000($60).
6000x0.07=420 lots. To withdraw $60 credit funds trader needs to deposit $60 then to trade minimum 50 trades with a total corporate volume 420 lots.
After that a trading account has no limits to withdraw bonus and its profit, and the rest of money at the trading account.
For details, please, see point 7.
Statistic of the bonus trading account is available at your Personal Cabinet
My accounts - My Bonuses - Detailed
Right after you fund the trading account, the system begins to calculate lots and trades number.
If you are not interested in the Promotion, you can always open in Personal cabinet another trading account under same NewForex ID and invest any money (from $1 and more) in your trading with that account.

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