[CR] Review Clé de Peau Beauté Fall/Winter 2015 Collection: The Secret Beauty of Venice

And the secret beauty of Venice issss……..(drumroll please)….. Clé de Peau Beauté’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. Without further ado let’s dive into the gorgeous pics and the reviews!

For a quick review check out the vids below (one in English and one in Thai)


The Eyes

Eye Color Quad in 311
Inspired by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, this palette captures the beautiful iridescent teal color of the waters, while the translucent gunmetal shade and the gorgeous pale golden-beige shade gives paints a picture of the morning fog that appears like a floating blanket on top of mesmeric sea water. Last but not least, the shimmery pearl shade that complements this beautiful palette. 

Price: 80 USD (55 USD for refill)
Amount of product: 3g/0.1oz
Texture: Soft and smooth. Extremely easy to pick up with the applicator in from the palette case or with your favorite brushes.
Pigmentation: 7/10. It definitely builds up easily, but with the first swipe the color is pretty sheer, although not patchy. This will be perfect for anyone looking for a light makeup application but also wants to play around with colors.
Shades and swatches: Teal, Gunmetal gray, Pale golden-beige, Iridescent pearl
Finishes: Shimmery (the shimmer in these eyeshadows are extremely fine, they are great for sensitive eyes as they do not feel scratchy on the lids or heavy on the lids either)
Longevity: with an eyeshadow primer I was able to way this all day.
Level of fall-out: almost none (if you are building up the pigmentation, keep in mind that there could be fall out when applied excessively)

Eye Color Quad in 313
Inspired by the magnificent sunset hours upon renouned St.Mark’s Square, where the sun highlighted the city with its wonderfully vibrant rays of red and golden lights. The burgundy shade captures the redden structure, while the apricot, champagne, and golden shades play with the changing colors of light from the sun.
Price: 80 USD (55 USD for refill)
Amount of product: 3g/0.1oz
Texture: Soft and smooth. Extremely easy to pick up with the applicator in from the palette case or with your favorite brushes.
Pigmentation: 8/10. I gave this palette a higher score because I felt that the burgundy shade (1st shade in this palette) performed much better than the teal shade (also 1st shade in the 311 palette). Also, the lighter shades in this palette also give a slightly better payoff than the one in 311.
Shades and swatches: Burgundy, Apricot/light orange-coral, Light pinky-champagne, Light true-gold
Finishes: Shimmery (but the Burgundy is less shimmering than the rest of the shades in this palette.)
Longevity: all day as well. However, for those that do not use eye primer and have oily lids, longevity will definitely decrease. I strongly recommend you try purchasing and using eye primer especially when you’re going to apply such expensive products like Cdp’s…you’d want them to stay on for as long as you’re out and about! J
Level of fall-out: again, almost none. (to really prevent any fallout try tapping your brush or dapping it on the back of your hand before applying the eyeshadow straight onto the lids)

The Cheeks

Powder Blush Duo in 101, 104, 105
Description: Two shades of blushes; one lighter and the other darker in shade. I love to use both shades where the darker shade is placed on the apples of the cheeks while the lighter shade is used to blend out the edges so that my blush blends seamlessly onto my contour and highlight.
Price: 90 USD (50 USD for refill)
Amount of product: 6g/0.21 oz
Texture: Heavenly! It is so soft, light, and very refreshing.
Pigmentation: 10/10 (cdp’s blushes are now my favorite!)
101 (top): Neutral Rose and Soft Pink
104 (middle): Apricot and Coral
105 (bottom): Old rose and neutral orange-brick   
Finish: Natural with slight radiance
Longevity: about 8 hours

The Lips

Enriched Lip Luminizer in 232
Price: 60USD (35 USD for refill)
Amount of product: 2g/0.07oz
Texture: Extremely soft and silky. It also melts onto the lips without emphasizing lines or feathering out either.
Pigmentation: 10/10 for this kind of formula.
Smokey Red Beige color
Finish: luminous, shiny,
Effect: moisturizing and gives a healthy yet natural plumping effect to the lips
Longevity: If you’re not including activities like eating and drinking, then the wear is pretty good given its formula.

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ชื่อสินค้า:   Eye Color Quad #311 #313, Powder Blush Duo #101 #104 #105, Enriched Lip Luminizer #232
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