SEIKO officially times “Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2015” with Special offers


          SEIKO, The official Timer of Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2015 privilege the participants by offering special promotion with a commemorative SEIKO clock. The participants of the competition can get special price for buying a SEIKO “Timer Alarm Clock” from normal price 1,480 Baht at special price only 1,200 baht. In addition, SEIKO will make a commemorative plate with your name, bib number, and your finish time result deliver to you. The plate can be stuck on your clock and make your clock even more wore worth to commemorate.
          Meanwhile, all participants can join the activity and have some fun at our SEIKO booth. You can come to our “My Target Time” corner to set your own target time and take a photo. Then you can share it with a hashtag #seikothailand your picture will appear as a part of the activity. For more information, please visit
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